Empowering Kids, Teens, and Adults through Virtual Martial Arts Training with a Live Instructor


People–stronger, sharper, more resilient through Live Martial Arts Instruction.

I'm Hanshi Dave Kovar and we're excited to connect with you. The origin of Satori Tribe began over 41 years ago. I strongly desired to see people free from needless fear and help them become self assured in their responses to their environment. I made it my mission to empower people of all ages to become better versions of themselves by experiencing the mental and physical transcendence that’s possible through the practice of martial arts.

Today more than ever, people are seeking a like-minded community to share their passion. We have a strong passion to empower people and develop them to their fullest potential. And so, we created a place to belong–a tribe.

Founder, Hanshi Dave Kovar talks about the many benefits of training in Martial Arts.

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A Life Changing Experience

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The Whole Person

Staying physically healthy while learning challenging moves improves listening skills, mental toughness, and determination. Our students believe in themselves and love giving their best.

Unbreakable Confidence

Students develop an unbreakable confidence when they understand how to handle conflict. They project a silent, "Don't bother me." message making them less likely targets for bullies and social predators. 

Bright Futures

By developing physical, mental, and emotional self-discipline students  learn to persevere through life's challenges. Long term students of martial arts are better equipped to problem solve, and set goals for their future.

How the Program Works

Instructor and 4th Degree Black Belt, Sensei Kyle McCurdy talks about how the unique curriculum provided through martial arts training shaped his life starting from his youth.

Class Structure
Testing and Promotion
Belt Progression
Class Structure

Once enrolled students can pre-register for classes in our member website. An email confirms your class time with a link to access to the Satori Tribe Dojo on Zoom. Below is a sample of what a weekly schedule looks like:


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1:30p PST / 2:30p MST / 4:30p EST - Juniors (Age 7-12)

3:30p PST / 4:30p MST / 6:30p EST  - Juniors (Age 7-12)

4:30p PST / 5:30p MST / 7:30p EST - Teens/Adults (Age 13 and older)

5:30p PST / 6:30p MST / 8:30p EST - Juniors (Age 7-12)

6:30p PST / 7:30p MST / 9:30p EST - Teens/Adults (Age 13 and older)


Tuesday, Thursday

2:30p PST / 3:30p MST / 5:30p EST - Junior (Age 7-12)

4:30p PST / 5:30p MST / 7:30p EST - Junior (Age 7-12)

5:30p PST / 6:30p MST / 8:30p EST - Teens/Adults (Age 13 and older)

6:30p PST / 7:30p MST / 9:30p EST - Teens/Adults (Age 13 and older)

7:30p PST / 8:30p MST / 10:30p EST - Teens/Adults (Age 13 and older)


Classes are 30 minutes long, and cover the fundamental aspects of Martial Art incorporating the following styles: Kenpo Karate, Escrima, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu.

Testing and Promotion
Belt Progression

Your Membership Supports Your Local School

You can support your school when you join the Tribe. There's no better place to help when considering the budget cuts schools have endured due to Covid-19. We're passionate about shaping the world – it starts with people like you, that shape families, then communities and cities, and eventually make an impact globally.

Month to Month Subscription Levels for Every Size Tribe!

Single $67* (Tribe of One)

  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited Classes/ Week
  • Premium Instruction
  • Weekly Character Development /Motivational Messages

2 or More $97* (Family Tribe)

  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited Classes/ Week
  • Premium Instruction
  • Weekly Character Development /Motivational Messages

* Uniform cost and minimal testing fees are additional. (testing occurs every 10-20 weeks depending on level)

3 Easy Steps to Belong to the Tribe


Sign up for one of the tribe level memberships


Review our onboarding materials and processes & start taking at least 2 classes per week.


Keep training, achieve belt tips and progress through the belt colors as your skills increase!

Contact Satori Tribe!

Got Questions? Contact us and you'll receive a free ebook on Why every child should learn Martial Arts as a thank you gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn martial arts online with a live Instructor?

Yes. Training virtually with a live instructor is an effective means of learning Martial arts. The moves and how to apply them are easy to understand, targets are clearly identified by the instructor, and practicing with other family members is an ideal way to work on partnering drills. Additionally, unlike other sports that involve teams and require a large practice area or field, martial arts can be practiced in, as little as, a 4 x 4 foot square. It is an ideal sport that lends itself to online instruction.

Is Satori Tribe a reputable martial arts program?
How qualified are the Satori Tribe instructors?
How old does my child need to be to start?
Can I be in the same class as my kids?
How many days a week can I train? How long are the classes?
What if my child has trouble focusing in the class?
What happens if we miss a week? Are there make-up classes?
How do we do sparring?
Can I talk to my instructor if I have questions about a move?
Can people with no experience join?


Each class has a balance of fun karate moves with class talks about life. All of the instructors are very attentive and are great when working with the young kids. They teach discipline, self control, and other helpful life lessons for being a kid. Another unexpected impact of the program is the positive impact at home, where the positivity and respect taught in class has translated into a better attitude at home too!


Kayla L.


Such a positive environment with great energy. The instructors bring their best to every class and the students respond in kind. I like the well thought out curriculum for both the martial arts and the successful life skills.


Petra P.


Great, patient instructors teaching kids not just karate moves but how to take care of their health, be respectful to others and be productive members of the community!


Bryce K.


The instructors are highly qualified and excellent teachers. More than hitting and kicking they teach courtesy, respect and good citizenship. All of the staff are very supportive and encouraging. They are considerate of any physical limitations, very important for those of us who are older. Community service is encouraged especially when you are working toward black belt. The academy models this in their own out reach with open classes in self defense for anyone. It is a great program for all ages.


Rod S.

parent and student

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